twenty seven names!!!!!

Along with half the world i have been sucked in by the awesomeness which is twenty seven names. I was captivated by their sheer dresses and blouses, their brown hiking boots and matching tops and bottom's, but as my budget consist of the pay i get once a week for working at bakers delight i am one of the unfortunate people that can not afford most of their items, my parents would maybe buy something from them if i had a social event coming up and to think of it i do have my social in three month's, so mum if you are reading this i have found my social dress and would appreciate it if you would be so kind to buy it for me. (the first photo is really pretty)

with love,

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  1. I love Twenty Seven Names too, their photoshoots are adorable! Just thought I'd share that I found an online store at www.fashionartiste.com that stocks a good range of theirs and lots of other cool labels. And they do layby!


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