"to infinity and beyond"

so when i was growing up i wanted to be a vet, then a interior designer, then a fashion designer and now a stylist. i first thought about being a stylist whilst watching "the Rachel Zoe project" and then from over blogs showing what they have styled :) i apparently according to my brother can not dress myself but i can dress (well at least try) others, when i started my design and fashion course at school i wanted to be a fashion designer and was going to do work experience with one but now i have decided to find a stylist (fashion) willing to take in a 15/16 year old (depends when) for 5 days, so wish me luck on my adventure to find one, as i think i will need it :)




  1. i can really see you being a stylist,
    you'd be great and you can dress yourself!

  2. ohh, i'd love to be a stylist too. i'm sure your adventure will be fun!


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