don't you love these shoes?

i didn't have the best day today but that doesn't matter :) don't you hate it when blogger's post on there blogs that they have less followers or not getting a lot of comments anymore. when i came on to blogger i wasn't looking to see how many people i could get to follow me or how many comments i got for each post it was just a way of putting who i am out there, you know what inspires me and stuff, i have 50 followers and that is a lot more then i ever thought i would ever get, and i know that each time you get a new follower it feels good but i thought that your blog was a way of expressing yourself not to see how many people like but anyway i guess some people need that.

anyhow my friend has just joined blogger and thought i would share her blog with you, cherry picker :) hope you enjoy :]

xx. A

p.s sorry if i offend anyone but that's just my opinion.

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  1. i agree :)
    but the followers are good. they give you motivation to keep posting. :D


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