2010 DIY

make a waterfall out of fairy lights.
make a craft corner
DIY these sunglasses
make a kite.
i got the idea from a beautiful mess. mine isn't very detailed but yeah :) these are only 5 of my ideas.

xx. A

(a beautiful mess, and randoms)


  1. i love your list! i'll e posting one too. prolly work on it today at work acctually! lol.
    I LOVE the kites. i have had my sons first birthday planned since he was like 6 months lol. but thats what were doing. making kites and then going for a picnic in the park to fly them!

    you hve inspired me to get fun stuff to to have dress up photoshots. btw. great robin hood hat!

  2. oh theres acctually a tutorial on how to make the kites. (in case you didnt have it) i had it on my blog like a long time ago...if i cna find it i'll post a link.

  3. that waterfall of lights is a good DIY!


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