just fuck off!!!!!

i feel that i should standup to myself and say something but i don't want to feel like i want to punch someone every time i see them..... people accuse me for being a "silly little girl" for thing's i didn't say and that piss's the fuck out of me. but if i do say something then this whole thing starts up again when all i want is to forget and move on but when ever i'm at that stage, it starts up again. fuck it is so annoying but anyways moving on but it hurts to think that this is happening. oh and to who i'm writing to can you not comment on this, i don't comment on your's and i would rather you not comment on mine.

xx. A


  1. i so understand...i keep feeling like that, especially to few certain people who just hit the button...argjklwdlqwdwld
    okay sory . release

  2. Hahaha yeah thanks I decided just to ignore her and move on :)

  3. I understand completely!! I hope it works out for you though :)

    Miss Violet Bell.xx


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