The first weekend of holidays

*The first picture is of me and kirra on her grandparents water tank
so i have a fear of unstable things and we had to climb a ladder to get to the top of the water tank which is massive and i got up OK but then trying to get down ;S was not fun i got stuck up there and had to get her grandad to get a bigger ladder :(

*the 2ND picture is of her duck, its so cute it stood in the same spot with one leg up for about an hour :)

*and the 3rd that's her miniature pony called super duper :) cute name right i brought so much and will soon post what i brought.

i can feel summer coming and it will be hot, probs going to be more fires but if some idiot lights even more i will hurt someone LOL :)

i got a cute top yesterday it is floral and cropped and cute and i also got two over sized singlets. and on a more depressing note my 2 week holidays have come to an end sigh :( i feel like crying i hate school, and i don't want to go back, i have to start exams soon and i have to do orientation for year 10 but one good things is that i find out what subjects i got :)

xx. A

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