MY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!

it's my birthday, it's my birthday, it's my birthday!!!!! i love birthday's, and i really love my birthday because i don't have to clean up and i don't have to do the dishes :) i promise to show you what i got but my camera is flat so yeah.
have a great weekend because it is the last days till we have to go back to school (for Australians, dose any one else in the world go back to school when we do because it sucks i would mush rather to have one really long holiday then heaps of little ones :) ) and just to finish it of, you know what i hate, i haven't been using my camera so my friends have been taking photo's for me and they don't send me the pictures so i can't post about them because i have no photo's and one last thing i have been very lazy with outfit post so I'm sorry:)

xx. A


  1. HAHA happy birthday! and for your bday i would just like to say that i love your blog! so full of personality!

  2. Happy Birthday!! Hope you have a wonderful day and lots of goodies

  3. Happy birthday i hope you had a super duper day!!! And english schools are just breaking up, and we dont go back until september :)

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  4. Happpy birthday dear! Mine is coming up as well and i can't wait to celebrate it:)
    Hope you had a good one!

  5. happy birthday to you! i hope you end up getting some good pictures! ;-)

  6. I love my birthday too!

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