my dream scooter :)

one outfit i wore in Sydney

the reason i haven't been blogging was because i was in Queensland and didn't have time but i took photo's and I'm using my aunty's camera so i can take photo's of all my new clothing and of stuff i got ages ago but could never post because i lost my camera :( some fun things i did in Queensland:

1. we drove up though Sydney ( i used to live there so it was good to see it all again.

2. in Queensland we went to movie world and i went on the lethal weapon, superman ( which goes really, really fast! )

3. instead of going to any other theme parks we went to the haunted house ( which is really scary :( seriously i was freaking out! ), we went in the Zorb ( which is a big ball that you hope into they put some water in it and then you get pushed down a hill and you can do flips in it and you fly though the air :)

4. we also just drove around and had picnics and stuff :)

hope you all had a great holiday :) in two weeks I'm of to school camp :)

xx. A
i do have more photo's but will post them later :)


  1. Your Sydney outfit is very cute, I love the city as well.
    xx eleanor

  2. I must admit I love your not trying too hard look and you look so comfy in it!


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