Here's to you and here's to me, and I hope we never disagree. But, if that should ever be, to HELL with you, here's to ME!

i liked the saying (my title) but i don't know who wrote it, i just thought it was funny, and i didn't know what else to put up there so, there you go.
today i had a math test, i think i did well but I'm not sure, so cross my fingers and pray to god that i do well (at least better then last time)
it's fashion week in Melbourne and i couldn't get tickets!!!!!!!!!!!!!:( i really wanted to go, but with the lmff it doesn't have one designer doing a show it has 8 so i want to go to one with one designer and their collection. i went last year and was disappointed.
but i hope you are all well ! :)

xx. A

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xx. A