...fire, fire...

so it's a bit depressing in Australia because of the fire's in Victoria. luckily i live 1 hour away from were the fire's are. but for the people that got touched by the fire by heart goes out to you.
the devastation that has happened is astounding i mean whole town's where demolished! and the death toll is up to 139, i started crying because all the photo's and video's of the town's and street's and how old people and very young kids couldn't make it out of their home's. and how people lost everything, all their memories, everything they owned and worked so hard to get is gone, they are living with what they have on and that's it :( it's going to take year's to re-build everything that is lost :( and then as well as being depressed I'm also really pissed of the fire's were deliberate, i mean what kind of fuck up dick head does that the asshole should go rote in a jail for the rest of his live (sorry about the language) but arrgh it is just so frustrating to think someone started those fire's that killed all those people & destroyed all those home's and for what so he could get the frill out of it for a couple of minuet's, what a screwed up piece of shit, fuck it is just so annoying, :S Well i hope you all enjoyed Monday! because for me it went very fast. and on a last note, take pride in what you have and don't take advantage off what you have and love the people you have and hold them close.

xx. A

Laugh your heart out
Dance in the rain
Cherish the moment
ignore the pain
Live, laugh, love
Forgive and forget
Live's too short to be
Living with regret's
- can't remember who wrote it :)


  1. How terrible! I hope everyone has a safe place to stay and enough to eat. People these days can be so stupid. I'm going to find that person and set THEIR house on fire. No, only kidding. That makes me so mad though! How can someone even DO something like that?

    Anyways though, I hope all is well with you. I enjoy reading your blog no matter what you write about.

  2. thank you, i like reading what you say about my blog, it makes my day when people say nice thing's about me,so thanks:) i know what kind of person does something like that! what an asshole!

    xx. A


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