...HOT, HOT, HOT...


Today was pretty hot because I'm from New Zealand I'm used nice weather (not to hot not to cold) but today in Melbourne it was 43c that's about 109f how crazy is that but that's it about weather.
today i went to the city with my best friends we just shopped around (in my next post ill show you photo's) and took lots of photo's. i brought a cute singlet with Obama's head on it, and because i was wearing high wasted shorts, my friends and i kept saying I've got Obama down my Short's, childish but highly amusing! :) i also got a nice tan, so that's a plus :) my brother's got so burnt, so now they look like tomato's :D next week on Monday i start year nine! I'm happy about going back to school because I'm going back to normal and i get to see all my friends but I'm not happy about going back to school, you know its school, just school, but i guess its a new year and I'll be 15! yay :D

xx. A

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