... 6 things that make me happy (excluding family and friends :D)...

1. i love Autumn when the leafs are changing colour and you can just lie down for hours and just watch them change.

2. i love snow, because you can throw snow balls and make snow angle's and snow is just so beautiful.

3. i love lane way's, because you can be walking down one and stumble across the most beautiful, quirky little shop's and restaurants.

4.i love shoes, because shoes are what can ruin a whole outfit or bring it all together! and just because they are so fun to wear!

5. i love the beach, because the water keeps going and going and holds such beautiful creature's that have not yet been discovered.

6. i love anything vintage, because they hold a story in them and you can continue that story.


  1. Is that lane way in melbourne? Most definetly the best city in all of Australia for shopping.
    xx eleanor

  2. Awesome post. We have a lot in common! Basically everything you mentioned in this post applies to me. :) Take care.

  3. i love the last three pictures and i totally get you with the vintage i lovelovelove it!


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