(i love these phot's so cute)
I was so against having a boyfriend at 16, but its fun :) its probably one off the main reasons i have too be happy now... I've lost my best friend and well it sucks, cause i have no idea what I've done wrong.... hmmm oh well I'm going to be happy because i don't like being sad, so ill smile but i don't know how much longer i can pretend.


  1. cute!
    i knwo what you mean about being against having a boyfriend, i'm at that stage right now (i've had boyfriends before LOL)
    but, i say you should wait around for your mister right,
    but in the mean time you may as well have fun with all those mister wrongs <3
    love your blog babe,

    ( ctrl + ♥ )

  2. agreeed! (:

    check out my blog for some interviews with awesome australian bands and photography etc. i want pictures like these... to bad i'm always the one behind the camera.

    xx rena.

  3. Ha, I have to admit, I love these photos because I a m a bit jealous of the girls! ;)


  4. nawssss jakey ;) hehehe, put some of the pics you have in your diary up here, they are cute and i promise i wont tell :p


  5. heheh sarah you are so evil :p hmmm maybe :)



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