i am in love with this outfit:)

i went to Britney Spears last night and it was one of the best nights of my life!!! Britney was amazing and the really hot male dancer's with the Nice's body's ever and the circus at the start and DJ Havana brown, it was all just amazing, before i wasn't the biggest Britney fan but now i love her:) and because me and kirra went to a concert we can both go out more:]
ill post photo's later because now i have to deal with more drama with friends:(
oh and i found out my blood test results the Doctor said i was physically fine but that i need to low my stress levels and all this crap is not making me feel better, some people just don't care what happens to me (my stupid bother!!!!!) he has no right to try and make me feel guilty he is the one that started this. anyhow hope you all had a good week so far:]

xx. A


thank you for leaving a comment, hope you had a great day :D

xx. A